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Gaia / Terra

the personification of earth (aka Mother Earth)

at the beginning of time, there was only Chaos - Gaia, Mother Earth, created the sky, the sea, and all life as we know it

thank you, Mother Earth

Perfect for Earth Day! This sustainable, earth-friendly Gaia tee is the perfect addition to your spring and summer wardrobe. Gaia in Greek mythology is one of the primordial deities and the personification of Earth - aka "Mother Earth." Gaia was considered the ancestral mother of all life. Before her, there was only Chaos. From that Chaos, Gaia birthed the sky, the sea, and all the Titans (who later birthed the Olympians). For the Ancient Greeks, Mother Earth was considered the start of all life from the beginning of time onward. 

Both the black and navy tees are made of 100% sustainable cotton and water-based, vegan dyes. So you can feel confident knowing that wearing this shirt isn't doing any harm to Mother Earth.

Fun fact: the reason our planet is called "Earth" is actually named after of the Roman goddess Terra (Gaia in Greek). So, if you love our planet and you love Roman mythology, this mug is a MUST HAVE. This is an enamel mug which means it's super lightweight and durable, perfect for hiking, picnics, or just starting the day with your favorite brew. 

You need this for Earth Day! This Gaia-inspired tote is 100% certified organic cotton, making it the perfect sustainable goody for Mother Earth. 

This eco friendly tote has one open main compartment with no zippers. It's perfect for bringing home flowers and fruits from the farmers' market or packing a little picnic in the park. Best yet, we were able to lower the price so it's one of our greatest deals in the store!

Earth Day is coming up, and what better way to celebrate than with a Terra sticker for your laptop, water bottle, and notebook? These stickers are the perfect way to show off your Earth day pride AND your love for mythology!

The goddess of spring sings in buds and dewdrops.

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