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welcoming spring with the floral maiden and queen of death

This tee is a simple yet stunning representation of Persephone. Persephone is a beloved goddess in Greek mythology because of her duality as both the Queen of the Underworld and the goddess of spring. She holds within her both light and dark, growth and death. Most importantly, in both roles, she is a representative of pure love. And that is what this shirt radiates: the love of and love for our dear Persephone. 

Available in three colors

This spring design is the perfect way to welcome Persephone back to earth and thank her for the flowers she brings upon her return. Whether you believe Persephone is happy to be back or sad to leave Hades, her arrival helps the world shake off the cold winter - and for that we are eternally grateful to her! ...

Available in four colors

This shirt isn't just beautiful - it's also full of hidden gems about Persephone, the goddess of spring and the queen of the Underworld! The flowers, the ring, the colors, and the text all have significance to the story of Persephone... Read more about these little Easter eggs in the product description! 

Available in pure white as well as magical colors

... The most unique part about this Persephone poster is that all the flowers included are those that are mentioned in the Homeric Hymn to Demeter as the flowers that Persephone was picking when she was taken down to the Underworld. You'll also find a pomegranate, which Persephone ate as a symbol of unity in her marriage to Hades. This one-of-a-kind print is made for the fan of subtly stunning mythology hints. ...

Available in four backdrop colors and with the option to say "Ode to Persephone" or not

The goddess of spring sings in buds and dewdrops.

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