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Home Is Where TeeHome Is Where Tee
Home Is Where Tee

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If you're a homebody with a love for cuddling up with a good book by the fireplace, this cozy and soft goddess inspired t-shirt is made just for you.

Hestia, the goddess of the hearth, is highly regarded in Greek mythology as the gateway between mortals and the gods. Even the most devout worshippers in ancient Greece wouldn’t go to temple every day, so their fireplace at home became their personal altar to pray to the gods. The ancient Greeks took great care of and pride in their hearths, seeing it as a direct worship to Hestia and, in turn, to all other gods. That means that the home was at the epicenter of ancient Greek life and religion.

If you too love spending a cozy day at home, you’ll love this Home Is Where Tee, inspired by Hestia and the hearth. We’ve filled Hestia’s mantle and fireplace with some of our favorite things as a “thank you” offering to Hestia for bringing such warmth and joy into our homes.

This shirt is made with 100% cotton, making it both sustainable and oh-so comfortable.

Product Details

  • Classic tee with a flattering fit, perfect for everyday wear (can even be dressed up by rolling the sleeves and tucking in) 
  • Fits true to size with a slim cut (size up if you like a baggier look and feel)
  • Medium to light weight, perfect to keep you cool on hot days or layer with sweaters and jackets on cooler ones
  • Standard length for both men and women
  • Pre-shrunk fabric, so you don't have to worry about wearing and washing (as long as you follow the care instructions)


  • This classic-cut tee fits mostly true to size. For a slightly looser and cozier tee, size up.
  • This is a standard length tee. It may not fit some taller folks. Check your measurements below to make sure.
  • Check out our size guide for more info on how our clothes fit and feel.


  • Remove sticker barcode before washing
  • Please wash before wearing (for the first wash, we recommend to wash by itself to prevent bleeding or fuzzies)
  • Machine wash cold or warm (max 40 C) inside out, with like colors
  • Tumble dry low heat or lay to air dry
  • Do not iron any graphics, but you can use medium iron for non-graphic part of shirt 
  • Do not dry clean
  • Do not bleach!
  • Please follow care instructions on the tag of your product, as each product and design may have its own care requirements. 


Please expect your order in 2 to 4 weeks, based on your location and current COVID-19 safety guidelines. All of our products are made on-demand to reduce textile waste and minimize the impact on the environment. This means printing and production starts once you make an order. Fulfillment can take about 2 to 7 days plus your shipping time. (Note that express and overnight shipping will speed up shipping times but not fulfillment times).

We're working with partners to get out orders as quickly as possible. We work with several partners across the globe to produce and ship locally in an effort to cut down on waste and shipping times.

Thank you for being an eco-warrior with us!

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